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Comedy Magic of Chris P Tee the Hypnotic Ventrickquolist.

Christian P Taylor

A lifetime of performing, entertaining, travelling.
Being on Stage, on Ships, in Resorts, theatres, pubs, clubs and Festivals. Christian hasn't done it all, just most of it.
He moved to Bristol in 2001 after meeting the love of his life Jane, became parents and he did what needed to be done, He was a full time Dad and House Husband! Working from home is nothing new to Chris. He's prioritised family life over entertainment and now that his daughters are 18 and 19, they are sick of the sight of him. Time to get back to work. He's performed locally the last 10 years as Family Entertainer Chris P Tee and his adult shows as Chris Doc Strange. Now he's the Hypnotic Ventrickquolist and finally able to travel the World again, in the age of Covid and Brexit, it's going be a challenge. Chris loves a challenge, 2022, bring it on.
Chris P Tee loves making people laugh. This picture shows him at a wedding.


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