I bought the domain name ComedyMagic.co.uk from the legendary Comedy Magician Terry Herbert who has retired from performing and was happy for me to have it. I am honored and over the moon as I contacted Terry some years ago asking if he ever did let it go, to think of me.

Thanks to his kindness and my good fortune, it's mine and I hope to make the website fully operational soon.

Typical that I got it coming out of Lockdown, imagine what it would have been like with all those winter days trapped at home.

Oh well, it's worth the wait. Stay tuned for it's completion.

In the meantime, why not visit www.chrisptee.co.uk

Stay Safe and Be Kind to Yourself and Others. Kindness is Magic.

Comedy Magic Ltd Director Christian Taylor is a member of the Magic CircleComedy Magic Ltd Director Christian Taylor is a Member of the Federation of Small Businesses
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