Comedy Magic Ltd presents the Amazing Magical Wedding Emcee
Chris P Tee

When you want to Blow the Socks off everyone at your Wedding with a bundle of energy and fun who will have Grannies chatting up the Bar staff and kiddies behaving themselves, the Best Man can look like a Comedy God and the Groom is celebrated as the Luckiest person Alive.

No Matter The Gender, Religion, Language or Culture, It's my mission to "Make Em Laugh"

When People are Laughing So Hard they're Blowing Snot Bubbles, in that Moment, We are One.

Nobody wants a Boring Wedding and hiring Chris P Tee Magician is the perfect extra little something that makes your Wedding Memorable, even during the bits when everyone is just hanging around and are happily surprised . 

Book him today, and get ready for an unforgettable & great value experience!
Call or Text 07976 884254
Looking for a magician who can bring magic & laughter to your next event? Look no further than Chris P Tee, a highly respected magician and Member of the Magic Circle in London.
Christian performs his brand of magical entertainment around the World from his home in Chipping Sodbury, on the Cotswold edge. He loves to travel, meet new people of all ages, creeds, cultures and "Make em Laugh" as the lovable fool or self important idiot and sometimes, the caring sage.
With his exceptional comedic talent and impeccable performance skills, Chris is the perfect choice for a variety of events, from small, intimate gatherings to larger receptions and corporate dinners. Choose from his various magic styles, including:
Close-up Magic: Perfect for small, intimate gatherings where the audience can enjoy the magic up close and personal

Mix and Mingle Magic: Ideal for larger events and receptions, where Christian moves from group to group, performing magic that is sure to leave a lasting impression

Parlour Magic: Ideal for more formal events, such as corporate dinners, where guests can sit and enjoy the magic in a relaxed and intimate setting

Stand Up Magic: This is a great choice as your evening entertainment, with a 20-45min show full of audience participation that suits anyone with a great sense of humour & enjoyed a good laugh at silly things. Family Friendly or Adult only.
What sets Chris apart is his unique combination of comedy and magic. He knows how to bring laughter and joy to any event, and his quick wit and engaging personality will have your guests laughing and clapping along. With Christian as your entertainer, you can be sure that your guests will be talking about your event for years to come!
Book Christian P Taylor MMC as Chris P Tee for your next event and experience the magic of a truly talented entertainer. With his commitment to delivering high-quality, captivating and entertaining magic shows, he is the perfect choice for those looking for a "respected magician for hire in London" or a "comedian magician for corporate events." Don't miss out on the chance to make your event unforgettable - contact Chris today!

Who Needs a Comedy Magician?

Anyone getting married, having a party or have a corporate function they want jazzing up a bit. 

If you've never heard the old Vaudeville saying, "There's Money in Funny" then I can assure you that a Laughing Audience is worth 100 Times a Gawping Audience.

Yes, You Get Real Magic.

Delivered in a Way that is Less Serious, More Fun, Just as Surprising but with that Sprinkle of "The Unknown".

Christian P Taylor MMC aka Chris P Tee is a Member of the Magic Circle likes to Invent on the Spot, to Use Nearby Objects, Each Performance is Unique, Sometimes just as surprising to the Magician when the Magic Works thanks to the wonderful spectator.

There's always a sense of wonder and "This has never happened before" because it hasn't.

Let me help you make your event magical in a funny way. Gimme a call on 07976 884254 or whatsapp, text, all that. There's no such thing as a daft question, just a daft answer. So Ask! 

Experienced, Reliable & Funny

Christian P Taylor MMC is a highly respected magician based in Bristol and a Member of the Magic Circle.

He's also as Mad as a Bag of Hamsters, in a good way! (I'm not sure what that is, I made it up)

Chris offers various magic styles: close-up, mix and mingle, or parlour magic to suit your event and audience.

He has a quick wit and engaging personality that brings laughter and joy to events, both Private and Corporate.

Need Advice, Just Ask, I am here to Help!
Comedy Magic of Christian P Taylor MMC
Comedy Magic Ltd Director Christian Taylor is a member of the Magic CircleComedy Magic Ltd Director Christian Taylor is a Member of the Federation of Small Businesses
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